This website is great and it involves basic physics information for children. It talks about the very important topics about motion , heat, light and energy. It covers grades K-7th and provides many different activities at each grade level. It also allows for students to take quizzes already made up. The site is easy for kids to use themselves if they wanted. It gives a lot of important vocabulary words that students need to know about certain topics. The website gives a lot of real world examples that students can relate to, which will make it easier for them to understand and also enjoy. (Anthony Kues)

This website is absolutely wonderful. It introduces you to the subject of physics and breaks it down so kids are able to comprehend the information, hence physics4kids. After reading up on any topic on the website related to physics, it offers a quiz for you take. You can see how much you were able to comprehend and what you need to work on. This site also provides links to other areas of science besides physics. It is a wonderful resource. They also offer to give you a tour of the site which also helps kids who aren't familiar with website navigation.
(Katie Hils)

This is a great website that kids can use to enhance their learning of Physics. One of the activities include students building a roller coaster. Once students have built their own roller coaster, they can talk about the different component of the roller coaster that involve Physics. On this website, there are also different activities, worksheets, and study toold for students related to Physics. Teachers can also use this website to develop lesson plans. I think children would really enjoy using this website to learn Physics along with many other science subjects.
(Michele Klosterman)

This website is fantastic! It gives a real hands-on, challenging, and interactive way to explore physics and how it works that will maintain student interest. The roller coaster feature is one of the best components of the website. Teachers can also easily use this site to check for student understandings with the worksheets and quizzes. This would also make a great tool for students to study, review, and interact with concepts and ideas for they are tested on them in class. It can be used to challenge the gifted and talented to explore other physics concepts before they are learned in class. The lesson plan asspect is also a very helpful and resourceful tool to science teachers. This site also branches out into other science subjects which saves time for the teacher and having to find more resoures for later dates. Overall this is a wonderful tool and a great resouce for any teacher. (Bridget Laake)

‍‍‍This is a very user friendly site. I found it useful and I think kids will too! There are games to play and even a page to learn how to make SNOT!! What wouldn't love that? The experiment page is full of creative experiments for kids like making a vinegar volcano. This website is also great for teachers.There resources for quizes, lessons, videos, and more.
I am not very good with physics but I saw that the resource page needed some help so I hope this website is useful to others.
(Krista Short)‍‍‍

Science Kids is a wonderful physics website! It provides many different types of physics learning activities for students to complete, including games, videos, experiments, images, projects, facts, quizzes, and lessons. Students are bound to be engaged in more than one interesting physics activity. As Krista stated, it is definitely user friendly. It’s appealing to the eye, easy to maneuver, and is inviting. Even students and teachers who fear physics will want to try an experiment or game! I’ll definitely utilize this in the future. Thanks Krista!
(Brooke Whitacre)

This is a very child friendly website, that allows students to play games to help them understand physics. There are 6 games that they can pick from to learn. The games have different topics. These topics are friction, balancing, and more. This game will really help younger children understand some physics concepts. The students will enjoy this as well because they will have fun by learning. These games are geared towards the younger grades.
(Elizabeth Mueller)

Like Elizabeth said above this site is extremely child friendly. Just by looking at the site you can see that it is menat for students by the colors and animated pictures. There are many resources for students to use and it is an interactive site. The games are meant to build knowledge and skill as well as test what the students may already know. Learning should be fun and that is exactly what this site does. It makes learning fun! not just for the students but for the individual teaching and helping the student in return. (Susan Davis)

Physics Central
On this website, students can explore a variety of physics topics. This website offers physics news, games, blogs, podcasts, videos, experiments to try at home and information on many different areas of physics. This website is appropriate for for a variety of ages, younger students will enjoy the physics games while older students would find the videos, podcasts, and multitude of credible information useful.
(Katie Vonderhaar)

I feel that this website would be great for helping teachers brush up on physics or find topics to teach to older grades. It breaks the topics of physics down very efficiently and makes things easy to find. If you were looking for a specific topic, I feel this website would be very easy to navigate to find activities and facts about. I really like how it has videos and podcasts available for almost every topic. Students like to watch videos of real-life people doing science, I think it helps to show them how science is "real." (Lauren Bowman)

Amusement Park Physics allows kids to explore the relationship between amusement park rides and the physics that are involved in their design. While exploring the different amusement park rides such as the roller coaster, bumper cars, and the pendulum, students can learn how each ride is made and the history behind it. Students can create and test a roller coaster as well as predict the outcomes of bumper cars. Amusement Park Physics also includes important laws of physics, lesson plans, ride safety facts, and resources relating to amusement parks. Experiments found in this website invite students to further explore elements of physics. This can be beneficial for both teachers and students.
(Brooke Whitacre)

Review (By Samantha Rupe): I really liked this website. I remember in high school we went to Kings Island because of physics and learned the similar material and I feel like this website would have really helped the content we were learning. It goes through the differences in wooden and steal roller coasters and I feel like this really is helpful now as an adult to explain some of these topics. I feel like in a classroom, students would be interested especially if they have never experienced a roller coaster before. The website has an interactive piece where it lets you build your own rollercoaster and it tells you whether it would be a working one or not. It gives you a safety factor and a thirll factor. I love it, Good choice!

This is an amazing website that can be used for both students and teachers. It has a ton of sources and resources for lesson plans that help you decide and implement physics in the classroom as well as other science topics. This site is also useful for the families of students who are participating in physics in the classroom setting. It can be a good way to get students and parents involved in the classroom as well as keep the students engaged by allowing multiple means of representation of the topic being covered. Since there are many sources within the site it also allows you to explore the topic both on a broad basis and in detail. Plus if you can't find what you need there is always another source listed to aid you in your discovery! (Susan Davis)